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Integral Service for Enzyme Immobilization Technologies

Integral Services for Enzyme Immobilization Technologies

Test Tubes


Find a preparation to meet your needs.

Enzyme immobilization

From the matchmaking to the application

Bioinformatic analysis

Harnessing bioinformatics to make protein immobilization more predictable.

Immobilization screening

Our technology allows for the fast, reliable screening of immobilization strategies

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Broader scope,
better solutions

InSEIT provides an integral service for enzyme immobilization, from the matching between enzymes and supports to the application and process scale up.

We focus on the design, application and optimization of the next generation of biocatalysts: immobilized enzymes.


Our main goal is to give our customers the best solution to their specific need. This preparations allow for cleaner, more sustainable and more cost-efficient processes for everyone, everywhere.

We help leading industries and research groups achieve greater success.

We have a broad experience in the process of enzyme immobilization, using a wide variety of binding chemistries and supports to ensure we find the best preparation for each enzyme.

Our multidisciplinary approach and the skilled team allow us to provide our customers with tailored solutions for their specific needs.

Meet The Team


David Roura Padrosa

  • LinkedIn

Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bern, Switzerland. Specialist in the development and application of immobilised biocatalysts.

Fran inSEIT-100.jpg

Francesca Paradisi

  • LinkedIn

Professor in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the University of Bern. Leader of the field of applied biocatalysis.


Gordon Honeyman

  • LinkedIn

Gordon has a PhD in inorganic chemistry, and after finishing his Post-Doc, worked in the medical device industry for more than 10 years.

Meet The Team

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