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Integral Services for Enzyme Immobilization Technologies

We are in the middle of a revolution – a green revolution. We want to make the chemical industry a major player in the path towards a more sustainable, nature friendly and efficient economy.


The pillars of our work.

Sustainability and Green Chemistry

By enabling our clients to produce their high-value chemicals in a sustainable and cost-effective way, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Our focus on enzyme immobilization allows us to offer enhanced natural catalysts that are more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional synthetic catalysts.

Continuous improvement

As we gather more data from the development of the catalog or services, we can improve our prediction capabilities and produce better products. This, in turn, feeds back into our bioinformatic tools, creating a positive feedback loop that is crucial to our development.


Our use of AI-driven tools allows us to de-risk the process and develop immobilized enzymes quickly and reliably. Our bioinformatic workflow predicts enzyme immobilization and feeds data into AI approaches. We analyze the physicochemical characteristics, 3D structure, surface properties, dynamic behavior, and reactivity of enzymes to control their orientation and improve their stability. 

The Chemical Industry today.


Market value


Biocatalytic Reactions


CO2 reduction


Products affected

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In our modern society, chemicals have become indispensable components of our daily routines. However, with this increasing reliance on chemicals comes a pressing challenge – how can we fulfill the growing demand while ensuring environmental preservation?

At inSEIT, we have embraced this challenge as an opportunity to shape a more sustainable future. 


We recognize the immense potential of immobilized biocatalysts and we firmly believe that the potential of immobilized biocatalysts remains largely untapped due to the small number of available tools and the lack of comprehensive approaches. Rooted in sustainability, and through our innovative approach, we want to make immobilized enzymes the future standard toolbox for chemical industries. Adopting our solutions, our clients can embrace cleaner and more eco-friendly alternatives without compromising their productivity or quality.

David Roura Padrosa, PhD - CEO and co-founder


Our Services

We are at the forefront of applying cutting-edge technology to enzyme immobilization. Our use of AI-driven tools allows us to de-risk the process and develop immobilized enzymes quickly and reliably.


We envisage our clients to come with a reaction of interest – the making of a specific chemical product - or a specific enzymatic reaction they want to apply.


Bioinformatic workflow to predict enzyme immobilization and a database to feed AI approaches. CapiPy is based on an open-source software we developed in 2021.

Immobilization screening

Our novel screening platform is a state-of-the-art technology that enables us to match the appropriate immobilized enzyme to the desired application.

Enzyme Immobilization

We offer a variety of immobilization strategies and we ensure that the selected one matches the needs of the process.

Synthesis Development

We design novel biocatalytic processes using immobilized enzymes to produce products and scale them to the gram scale.


We offer off-the-shelf, optimized, immobilized enzymes that can be easily incorporated into the synthesis of high-value products.

The company

In 2021, a pioneering bio-technology startup emerged from the University of Bern. Founded by visionary students and professors, this innovative company harnessed the university's expertise to revolutionize the field of bio-technologies. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and cutting-edge research, the startup quickly garnered attention and investment, paving the way for transformative advancements in the realm of life sciences.

Who believes in us.

January 2022

Johnson Matthey

July 2022

Bridge Proof of Concept

August 2022

Venture Kick

Selected to participate in an international accelerator organized by Johnson Matthey and The Bakery.

Funding agency of the Innosuisse and Bridge programmes to develop a promising technology towards a market application.

Competition organized by VentureLabs to promote young academics to gap the Bridge between academia and market. Funded with 50K.

December 2022

Ypsomed Innovation

Selected finalist for the prestigious Ypsomed award, recognizing the potential of such a young start-up in the biotech space.

June 2023


inSEIT was awarded two prizes in the first programme of the Nucleate Activator in Switzerland. Scientific Excellence and Novel Idea Award.

July 2023

Bern Economic

Development Agency

The Bern Economic Development Agency supports novel and promising start-ups based in the Berner Oberland.

September 2023


We are closing our first financing round soon! 

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