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Discover how our services enable tailored solutions and contribute to sustainable practices across different sectors.

"Enzyme immobilization is scalable." 

There are no technology limitations, and a process developed at the milligram scale can be easily scaled to the multi gram and multi kg scale effortlessly.

We have two examples in house of the scale up of two immobilization strategies that showcase the advantages of immobilized enzymes compared to free enzymes.

Enzyme stabilization

Stabilization of enzymes in the presence of high substrate concentration and organic solvents. Simply by immobilization, we could achieve a 3-fold improvement in the reaction yield.

Enzyme reusability

The enzymes could be reused for multiple reactions without loss of activity, just by simply filtering them out of the reaction and adding new reaction mixture to the same biocatalyst.

Enzyme productivity boost

Productivity using immobilized enzymes is multiplied! The fact that they become more stable and reusable, means that the amount of product form per g of catalyst is far superior.


We are dedicated to revolutionizing the biocatalysis landscape through innovative and sustainable approaches. And thus, we foster strong collaborations with diverse partners from academia, industry, and research institutions. Together, we aim to harness the full potential of enzyme immobilization and its far-reaching applications.

Re-purposing of materials

A plethora of materials exists, but most of them find their application in other industries. Why not repurpose them for enzyme immobilization?

We are not limited to the typical supports, and we can achieve immobilization where it had not been possible before!

Boosting the applicability of enzymes

If you are already using an enzyme in your reaction or have a catalog of enzymes, we can make them better tools. 

We collaborate with other biotech companies to boost their biocatalytic tools into more cost-efficienct and higher producing biocatalysts. 

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We want to make the chemical industry a major player in the path towards a more sustainable, nature friendly and efficient economy.

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