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Do you want to incorporate a biocatalytic step in your synthesis or enhance the efficiency of your existing one?

inSEIT provides a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific needs.

What we offer.


Come to us with your enzyme, reaction of interest or final product and we will take it from there.

We can offer our expertise through the service route, where we leverage our data-driven guided enzyme selection, immobilization screening aided by AI and in a very short time, we can provide you with a tailored immobilization strategy.

If preferred, we can also screen the internal catalogue of immobilized enzymes to find the one most suitable for your application.

Bioinformatic Analysis

A bioinformatic workflow to predict enzyme immobilization and a database to feed AI approaches.

CapiPy is based on an open-source software we developed in 2021, and since then, we have assembled a validated workflow for the study of the process of immobilization that allows us to predict it.

The deliverable is a comprehensive bioinformatic report of the protein, along with expertly suggested immobilization strategies.

Deep Immobilization Screening

Our novel screening platform is a state-of-the-art technology that enables us to match the appropriate immobilized enzyme to the desired application.

Developed over several years, this technology allows us to de-risk and speed up the development of this novel formulations that will revolutionize the way enzymes are used in various industries.

With our platform, you can be certain that the enzymes used in your applications will be precisely tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

The deliverable is a screening report, along with the selection of the 3-5 best immobilization strategies.

Catalog Offering

We offer off-the-shelf, optimized, immobilized enzymes that can be easily incorporated into the synthesis of high-value products.

As inSEIT grows and our catalog expands, more and more biochemical reactivites will be covered. Instead of developing a catalyst for you, we can select the most suitable preparation from our catalog through a matchmaking process or send you a tailored assembly of our preparation for your specific biotransformation.

Synthesis Development

We provide proof of concept experiments for the synthesis of specialty products using immobilized enzymes.

We have the capacity to design novel biocatalytic processes using immobilized enzymes to produce a certain product and scale it to the gram scale, ensuring the maximum performance and most importantly, scalability of the process.

The deliverable is an optimized biocatalytic route to the required specialty product, with a strong emphasis on improving green metrics of the reaction and minimizing waste and CO2 emissions.

Enzyme Immobilization scale up

Our approach to enzyme immobilization is not limited to a support or a technique. We offer a variety of immobilization strategies, and we ensure that the selected one matches the needs of the process.

If you already have an enzymatic step in your process, or you would like to incorporate one, we can develop the perfect biocatalyst for your needs.

The deliverable is up to 100 g of immobilized catalyst, allowing the client to evaluate its performance in their own facilities and conditions.

Additional services

Science Experiments

Our technologies

inSEIT provides a comprehensive range of bioinformatic and enzymatic services to meet the specific needs of its clients.

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