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VentureKick Stage II

15 Aug 2022

inSEIT was selected as one of the winners of the Stage II from the Venturekick competition, organized by VentureLabs.

In an exciting move to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, VentureLabs has organized a competition aimed at promoting young academics to bridge the gap between academia and the market. This competition, funded with a substantial 50K, is designed to encourage researchers and scholars to translate their academic knowledge into market-ready solutions, driving real-world impact and commercial success.

Participants in the competition will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and research projects, receiving mentorship and guidance from industry experts. The funding provided will be instrumental in supporting the early-stage development of their projects, enabling them to move from theoretical research to practical implementation. This initiative reflects VentureLabs' commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovators and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within academic circles.

We are enthusiastic about the potential outcomes of this competition and the opportunities it presents for young academics. By bridging the gap between academia and the market, this initiative aims to drive forward technological advancements and create new avenues for commercial success. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that emerge from this competition and the positive impact they will have on the industry and society.

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